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ASPEE Enclave, Opp I.O.B Bank, Marve Road, Malad West, Mumbai - 400064, Maharashtra, India.
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ASPEE Wet Giant Fogger an equipment for effective application of waterbased space spray insecticide, which are used for the control of insect pests & vectors such as flies and mosquitoes. Ideal for Public health department /Municipal Corporation / Malaria eradication Programs / Epidemic Prevention / Mosquito control during Outbreak of dengue/ Brain fever / Chikungunya Particularly suitable for use in sensitive locations where there is public access.


ASPEE wet giant fogger is a Ultra Low Volume space spraying machine, minimizes the amount of insecticide sprayed. 

Water is a better and economical choice as carrier or diluent for space sprays, particularly in view of pollution and fire hazard when using diesel

The fine droplets generated by the wet fogger have better contact with the target pest / vector / surface 

Evaporation of water greatly extends the effective range of the spray /wet fog 

Use of water as the base carrier and diluent reduces chemical contamination and eliminates fire risk 

No diesel avoids pollution and irritation

Minimum hazard to man and environment 

Stainless steel chemical (water) and fuel tank 

Engine tube made from heavy duty material(SS-304), having long life Engine tube cover (Aluminum) – made from thicker pipe (+0.2mm) – To avoid heat transfer & increase cooling

Quick start electronic circuit with air compressor

Standby hand pump-start with 3-4 strokes 

No moving parts - hence maintenance free

Techincal Specification:

Type -Thermal aerosol pulse jet WET fogging machine

Starting Mechanism -Electronic circuit with 6 volt battery

Air Compressor -Compact type dc motor for Auto starting

Hand Pump -Addition optional facility for manual starting

Carburetor -Venturi type with Petal valve

Fuel Consumption (approx) -1.5 lit./hour

Chemical Consumption (approx)- 25 lit./hour

Chemical Tank (SS-304) -5.5 ltr

Fuel Tank (SS-304)- 1.5 ltr

Droplet Size -20 to 50 μm

Output of Combustion Chamber -16.9 kW (14520 kcal / hour)

Weight (approx) -10.5 kgs (±0.5) (empty)

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