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YXS-04 8/12 Rows Seeding Machine

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₹ 6,000.00 ₹ 5,880.00

YXS-05 8 Rows Seeding Machine (Grass Seed)

₹ 72,000.00

Manual boom sprayer

Crop cultivation, planting, harvesting and crop care all require the use of farm equipment and tools. Farmers can produce more food with fewer resources, thanks to tools and machinery that make their work more productive and efficient.

We offer a wide variety of agricultural machinery to make your work easier, including combine headers, farm equipment, harvesting machinery, drone sprayers, tools and sprayers, as well as planting, tillage and forestry equipment. In addition to these substantial pieces of equipment, a wide range of hand tools are also used in agriculture including spades, rakes, shovels and pruning shears.

The use of agricultural equipment and tools has greatly increased the efficiency and productivity of farming, enabling farmers to feed a growing population with fewer resources. It is important for farmers to use these tools and machines judiciously and to consider the long-term effects on land and natural resources as their use is likely to have an adverse effect on the environment.

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