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Anthraquinone 0.5 % SL is a unique botanical virucide extracted from Aloe Vera.

It is a non-toxic, safe, environmentally non-hazardous & A revolutionary product in plant protection, acts effectively against all viral diseases.

The main ingredient being 0.5% Anthraquinone which has strong antiviral activities. It stops the viral growth and induce systemic resistance in plant against viral diseases. It is 100% toxic free product. Its uses is environmentally safe. It works as preventive as well as curative.

Target diseases: Recommended on broad classes of plant viruses such as Tobacco mosaic virus, cauliflower mosaic virus, barley yellow dwarf, bud blight, Sugercane mosaic virus lettuce mosaic virus, malze mosaic virus, peanut stunt virus, leaf curl virus, potato virus, yellow mosaic virus, etc

Mode of Action: Anthraquinone 0.5 % SL has a complex mode of action it break the outer envelope of virus causing the death of the virus.

Method of application: foliar application

Dosage: 200-300 ml/Acre

Storage: Anthraquinon 0.5 % SL is stable for a period of 1.5 years from the date of manufacturing, if it is kept under normal storage condition.

Compatibility: It can be apply directly with water or mixed with any biofertilizer, biopesticide.

Packaging: Available in 50 mL, 100ml, 250 ml, 500mL, 1 litre & in 200 litre capacity HDPE or as per Client's request. Shelf life: 1.5 year from date of manufacturing.

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