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    Copper 20% Calcium 8%

    Content : Copper 20% Calcium 8%


    Bordogold has a broad-spectrum activity.

    • Copper has the property of preventing fungi and bacteria from attacking their crops.
    • Copper provides a wide control spectrum with strong protective contact and residual action.
    • Foliar applications are approved to control many fungal and bacterial diseases.
    • Plants take up some copper from the soil because it is a micronutrient.
    • Bordogold is highly effective on more than 20 fungi hence controls diseases like Blight, Fruit Rot, Leaf Spot, Rust, Gummosis, Wilt, and others. Fruit, vegetable, field, and nut crops as well as ornamentals are labelled for use.
    • Direction of use
      • Mix 5 gm Bordogold 20 WP in 1 litre of water and spray it thoroughly on the plants.
      • Mixture should be used immediately after its preparation.

      Packing: 500 gm

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