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BENEFIT : It is  novel  botanical fungicide extracted from curcuma longa(Turmeric) . The extract of curcuma longa (Turmeric) contains 1 %  curcumin  which possesses powerful antifungal activity against different plant pathogenic  fungus, it stops the fungal growth and control the fungal diseases like Early Blight, Downy Mildew, Cercospora Leaf Blight, Brown stem Rot and Botrytis(gray Mould), fusarium etc. 

  • Curcumin  is active ingredient  of turmeric which play  important role  in the plant health management through its anti-oxidant activity via its role in neutralization of free radical inside the plant system.
  • Curcumin work as an infection  healer inside the plant caused by  bacterial, viral , and fungal infection)
  • The plant absorb curcumin and release it during fungal infection and under stress condition to target site and recover the plant from infection and stress.
  • Curcumin works as a very good preventive agent against infection ,abiotic and biotic  stress for every  plant. 
  • It is non toxic , safe , environmently non-hazardous and a revolutionary product in plant protection acts effectively against all fungal diseases.

Dosage : 250-300 ml/acre

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