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SMART PLANT PROTECTOR - Nanotechnology based Pest and Disease Controller | For All Plants

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Brand: Nanopot Smart Gardening

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Function of Product
  • Fast-Acting Unique Colloidal Nanotechnology
  • Mode of action is both contact based and as a repellant.
  • Controls eggs, larvae and adult stages of pests.
  • Controls plant diseases with its Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal properties.
  • Can be used in both preventive and curative mode.
  • Can be used as a soil disinfectant.
  • Increases photosynthesis by cleaning oil and dirt on plants leaves.
  • No foul smell/odor and harmless to Humans.
  • No need of protective gears while spraying.
  • Eco-friendly formulation, 100% biodegradable and residue-free and does not harm pollinators, natural predators and beneficial insects.
Nematodes, White grubs and any other fungal infections in soil.
Its periodic use protects your plants from pests and diseases and prevents them from further attack.
How it Helps ?
SPP consists of nano colloidal micelles which are fast acting emulsifying agents. These micelles have multiple mode of actions which ensures broad spectrum coverage of pests and plant diseases in an eco-friendly manner.
  1. Hydrophilic water-loving head
  1. Hydrophobic water-fearing tail.
  • SPP penetrates the pest's/insect’s outer covering (cuticle) and dissolves or disrupts the cell membranes thereby killing them very quickly.
  • It affects the cellular metabolism thus providing control during multiple stages of a pests
  • It emulsifies pest’s joints, waxy coating on the wings (e.g. Whitefly) and exo-skeleton structure of the body (e.g MealyBug)
  • It emulsifies the cell wall of the fungi and bacteria and separates them, thereby stopping their reproductive cycle. 
How to Use:
  • For pests & Diseases: 3 ml per liter of water and thoroughly spray on plants every 7 days
  • For Soil / Disinfectant Application: 3ml per liter of water and give 200ml of the final solution per plant every 15 days.
  • Recommended Time of Use: Early Morning or Late Evening.
  • Shake well before use
Pests and Diseases: Whitefly, Thrips, Mealybug, Aphids, Jassids, Leaf Miner, Caterpillar, Citrus Psyllid, Leaf Curl Virus, Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Anthracnose, Leaf Spot, Molds and many more…
Suitable for all Indoor and Outdoor Plants: Green plant crops, vegetables, ornamental plants, medicinal plants, decorative plants, exotic plants, houseplants, ornamental trees & shrubs, fruits, flowers, and organic gardening etc.
Composition: Nano Colloidal Micelles  100%   (Fatty Acid based Plant Extracts)
Smart Plant Protector (SPP) is a revolutionary product based on a new-age nanotechnology that protects your plants from pests and diseases while simultaneously improving their aesthetic appearance, pest resistance and ease of care.
Mode of Action: Nanopot’s Smart plant Protector consists of microscopic surfactants which have a:
These join together in groups called micelles, which break the lipids on insects, bacteria and fungus, chitin of the cuticle of an insect or a pest, bacteria or fungus and oily bonds that stick dirt to surfaces and also breaks the oil molecules apart.
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