FINEYOU farm machine

FINEYOU farm machine

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Address : No.3, Comprehensive BL 9, Gaocheng District Shijiazhuang City Hebei Province

Country : China, State : Hebei, City : Shijiazhuang

Trading Type : 制造商
About us : Shijiazhuang Fineyou agricultural company is a professional integrated agricultural machinery suppliers with an integration of R&D, marketing, import-export and after-sale service. At present, mainly engaged in tractors, harvesters, forage machinery, agricultural machinery and other new agricultural machinery. We take full advantage of their own in the Chinese market technology, network, services and other aspects of the advantages and advanced marketing and services experience, constantly open up to provide high-performance, high-quality, high-yield agricultural machinery as its mission to maximize the level of users to meet Demand for international customers to provide quality agricultural machinery and dedication.

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