AgFarm India Pvt Ltd

AgFarm India Pvt Ltd

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Address : Head Office: AgFarm FZCO, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, 8805, Burj Khalifa,Dubai, UAE Registered Office: AgFarm India Pvt Ltd, Basement, B-4, Bhagwan Dass Nagar, East Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi - 110026

Country : United Arab Emirates, State : Dubai, City : Dubai

Trading Type : Manufacturer
About Us : AgFarm is an agrochemical startup that serves top-notch agro-inputs to the Indian and global agricultural community exclusively from Dubai. The company aims to revolutionize the agricultural world digitally by allowing buyers to access and buy agro-inputs with just a few clicks. The newly launched company has now opened its offices in India as well. Founded by Rashmi Sharma and Sandeep C....

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