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Mounted Type Boom Sprayers Standard Model 300 Lt.

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Dolls Exports PVT LTD
284/1/1 Mangaliya Sadak Bypass Near Mangaliya Toll Plaza Indore - 453771 Madhya Pradesh
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Dolls Exports PVT LTD
284/1/1 Mangaliya Sadak Bypass Near Mangaliya Toll Plaza Indore - 453771 Madhya Pradesh
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Mounted Type (DATS-300-8) Boom Sprayers Standard Model 300 Lt.

  • DOLLS AGROSE SPRAYERS help you in the agricultural production for cereals, cotton, beets, cereals, corn, sugar beets and similar field crops. DOLLS AGROSE SPRAYERS offers ease of use to you, our valuable farmers, with its superior performance, easy adjustment, time saving, and helping you reduce excess water, pesticide and fuel consumption.
  • DOLLS AGROSE mounted type boom sprayers are connecting with 3 points to tractor hydraulic arms. This models of tank capacity are 300 litre.
  • All the sprayers were equipped with MERTSAN branded aganist to abrasion-resistant spraying pump which have various capacities 2, 3 or 4 piston hydraulic membrane.


  • Polyethylene tanks  produced with the  DOLLS AGROSE technology; which are manufactured to be resistant to ultraviolet rays, corrosion and negative effects of pesticides. Therefore, it does not form bacteria and algae on the tank surface.
  • The hydraulic mixing system blends easily into the water with pesticides. The injector with suction on the machine helps the pesticide take to be filled in a very short time.
  • The water level indicator can be seen  easily,  by the user during filling and emptying.
  • The clean water tank is optionally offered independently of the main tanks. Optionally, you can add a clean water tank to all your machines.


  • For spraying machines used in cereals, cotton, beet, cereals, corn, sugar beet, and similar field products, high pressure MERTSAN branded MTS-371 T and MTS-371-S pumps with 3 membranes are used.
  • This pumps are externally manifould, surfaces in covered with the phpslate and against corrosion resistant. The valve stamps and covers are stainless steel.
  • All machinery work with connect to tractor power take off intermediate propelller shaft.


  • The profiles used are of ST37 material and are produced from products with high strength and durability.
  • In order to increase the durability of the chassis and to ensure its longevity; firstly electrostatic powder paint is applied to the chassis, and then the chassis is baked to allow the paint to penetrate the chassis.


  • Booms, which produced by AGROSE, made of pretty hard, strong and thick profiles.
  • The boom lengths mounted on the machines are 6, 8, 10, and 12 meters. The height and on/off adjustment of the booms mounted on the machine work manually.
  • In rough areas, the spraying process continues parallel to the plant's thanks to the shock absorber on the boom.
  • Our booms use long-lasting, easy-to-clean plastic nozzles of our own manufacture.
  • The nozzles are fitted every 50 cm as standard. Optionally, it can be placed at intervals of 35 - 70 cm.
  • The pipes used in the booms are resistant to high pressure.
  • There are galvanized springs on the booms that allow easy opening of the booms.


  • It is used for spraying against pests and diseases in cereals, cotton, beet, cereals, corn, sugar beet and similar field products.
  • It can be used liquid and water soluble fertilizer.
  • Using for destruction of unwanted plants and weeds.


  • Optional pump and regulator replacement.
  • Optionally injector and injector tip change.


  • CODE - DATS-300-8
  • TANK CAPACITY - 300 lt.
  • FLOW - 71 lt.
  • PRESSURE - 45 Bar
  • CYCLE - 540
  • BOOM LENGTH - 8 mt.



  • BOOM - 8 mt.
  • NOZZLE - 16

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