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Agribot (10 L) - Advance Agriculture Sprayer Drone

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Agribot (10 L) - Advance Agriculture Sprayer Drone : Approved by DGCA IoTechWorld Avigation Pvt Ltd, A drone manufacturing company based in Gurgaon, Haryana. AGRIBOT (10L) - An agriculture drone, manufactured in India, approved by DGCA, NP-NT compliant and tested by IARI, MOA, PAU, HAU and Many Corporates. The AGRIBOT is a multipurpose drone used for -

1. Spraying of Pesticides, Fungicides, Herbicides etc

2. Broadcasting of Seeds, Granules, Fertilizers etc

3. Multispectral Sensor mounting for crop health analysis. Formulation - Only 8L to 10L water is required to spray 1 acres of crop area in 6 minutes.

Mode - Autonomous Safety Features -

1. RTL (Return to launch) - Tank empty, Battery drain and mission complete.

2. Smart battery fail safe to automatic calculate the battery%

3. Collision Avoidance - RADAR (22 meters)

4. Terrain Following - RADAR (22 meters)

5. Resume Mission - Spray is resumed from where it left, accuracy (up to 1 meters)

6. Landing Accuracy - Within 30 cm

7. Geo Fencing.

8. RTK enabled

9. Provision for RGB Camera for monitoring the spray - 5km range and HD video transmission on GCS.

10. Mill Grade components

11. Single & dual GPS with accuracy within 1 meter

12. 3rd Party insurance is available


14. Dedicated centers, dealers for after sales support - PAN India


1. RTL (Return to Launch) - Tank Empty, Battery Drain, Mission Complete

2. RADAR - 2 RADAR's for Collision Avoidance (22 meters) and 1 RADAR for terrain following when crop canopy is uneven.

3. Landing Accuracy - Within 30 cm

4. Resume Mission - Within 50

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