How agriculture's B2B marketplace can help you reach your goals: Kisaan Trade Guide

May 17, 2023
B2B Trade Portal
How agriculture's B2B marketplace can help you reach your goals: Kisaan Trade Guide

B2B trade portals have become an excellent tool for both small and large businesses to create and maintain a unique online identity. It serves as the perfect platform for businesses engaged in business-to-business transactions to guarantee that their online visibility is increased. The B2B Trade Portals foster business ties between producers, suppliers, and exporters of comparable goods. Additionally, it helps businesses that work with other commercial buildings to provide them with a service. Due to the Internet revolution, all business establishments now recognise the necessity of an online business identity for business expansion.

B2B trade portals: What are they?

• B2B trade portals are electronic marketplaces that link businesses for the exchange of goods and services. They have grown in popularity in recent years because they have a number of advantages over conventional business practises.

• By streamlining the buying and selling process, businesses can spend less time and effort negotiating deals and managing transactions. This is made possible by B2B trade portals.

• For businesses, this can lower expenses and boost profitability. Additionally, they give companies access to fresh markets on a national and international scale, which has the potential to boost demand for their goods and services, boost their profitability, and open up new markets for suppliers and customers.

• B2B trade portals give businesses access to up-to-the-minute market data on demand, pricing, and logistics, assisting them in making strategic decisions about what products to sell, when to sell them, and how much to charge for them.

• Additionally, they provide a transparent platform for companies to advertise their goods and services, enabling customers to compare the costs and levels of quality among various suppliers.

• B2B trade portals can also give companies access to supply chain management tools like inventory monitoring and logistics assistance, which can help the chain's efficiency and cut down on waste.

• Businesses can gain a lot from B2B trade portals, including increased productivity, tools for supply chain management, access to new markets, and improved transparency.

• B2B trade portals are likely to play an increasingly significant role in facilitating business-to-business transactions as the digital economy continues to expand, supporting growth and innovation across a variety of industries.

How are the B2B market and agriculture related?

As online commerce develops, the connection between agriculture and B2B marketplaces is becoming more and more significant. B2B marketplaces provide a venue for agricultural industry buyers and sellers to interact, transact, and share knowledge.

Increased market access is one of the main advantages of B2B marketplaces for agriculture. B2B marketplaces can be used by farmers, agribusinesses, and other participants in the agricultural supply chain to locate new clients, suppliers, and markets. Farmers can increase demand for their goods by growing their customer base, and consumers can choose from a wider variety of goods from various suppliers. Increased competition may result in better pricing and product quality as a result of this.

B2B marketplaces also offer the important benefit of effective supply chain management. B2B marketplaces can support farmers and other participants in the supply chain by integrating logistics and inventory management tools into the platform to lower costs, boost efficiency, and accelerate delivery times. All parties involved may benefit from the operations being more efficiently run and more profitable.

B2B marketplaces can also offer a more secure payment gateway, lower the risk of fraud, and improve transaction transparency, in addition to these advantages. This may boost the confidence of farmers and other supply chain participants to conduct online business, ultimately enhancing the viability and profitability of agriculture.

About Kisaan Trade

Agricultural buyers and sellers can connect with farmers and agribusinesses on the B2B (business-to-business) online marketplace known as Kisaan Trade. Kisaan Trade, an Indian company, aims to close the gap between farmers and the market by giving them access to a platform where they can connect with buyers and suppliers, access real-time market information, and manage their transactions online.

Online auctions, real-time price discovery, logistics assistance, and payment gateways are just a few of the features and services offered by Kisaan Trade. By using Kisaan Trade, farmers can reach a larger market and obtain better prices for their wares, and buyers can locate a trustworthy supplier of superior agricultural products.

Traits of the Kisaan trade

1) Logistics support: Kisaan Trade helps farmers and consumers by providing logistics support, which makes it easier to transport and deliver agricultural goods.

2) Payment gateways: To lower the risk of fraud and guarantee that farmers are paid on schedule, Kisaan Trade offers a secure payment gateway for online transactions.

3) Agribusiness directory: Kisaan Trade's agribusiness directory enables farmers and customers to look for providers of agricultural inputs and services, such as seeds, fertiliser, and machinery.

4) Mobile app: Farmers can access the market on the go with the help of the Kisaan Trade mobile app, making it simple for them to manage their transactions and keep up with market trends.

A few things about us

1) Headless Trade

Using the decoupled headless architecture, we try to create customised buyer journeys for the new generation of customers. We build custom, distinctive, clever, and effective wholesale solutions using more than 250 API endpoints. seamlessly integrate with your preferred ERP, CRM, POS, accounting software, etc.

2) White-Labelling

By choosing white-labelling for your B2B e-commerce platform, we have strengthened our B2B branding and provided our customers with a useful value chain. Both the frontend and the backend of our B2B website would feature your brand name and logo. To increase the return on investment from your marketing efforts, brand all of your communication and alert tools with your logo.

3) Multi-Vendor Market

Using your multi-vendor marketplace to connect B2B buyers and sellers will give your wholesale business a competitive edge. Utilise simple tools to manage the products, orders, payouts, and commissions of multiple vendors. Utilise, involve, and make the most of your current dealer network by having them sell on your B2B marketplace.

4) Multi-Store Administration

For your B2B e-commerce business, set up and manage a network of various storefronts (based on locations, product lines, customer segments, etc.). Create unique URLs, themes, pricing, discounts, checkout options, shipping options, and other storefront customizations for every user. From a single central admin, you can easily manage the operations of all your storefronts.

5) Various Pricing

With an integrated pricing overrides feature, we provide customised multi-pricing based on customer login on your B2B portal. By giving different customers custom prices based on their order volume, order frequency, geolocation, or any other factor, we plan to improve cost management and profit margins. Facilitate multi-currency checkouts on your B2B website for higher international conversion rates.

6) Form Creator

To collect the necessary information from your B2B clients, use a variety of built-in or custom forms. By creating dynamic forms as and when necessary, you can hasten business processes, gather more data and insights into user and customer needs, and increase the return on investment from your marketing efforts. You can create unique field types for your forms and enable notifications for all forms to notify all parties when a form is submitted.

7) Request for Quotations (RFQ)

By managing your quotes more effectively with an integrated RFQ feature, you can shorten the B2B sales cycle and focus on conversions. Simply assign various RFQs to the appropriate vendors on your B2B marketplace to process them automatically. We give our wholesale customers the choice to compare, accept, reject, and select from the top products to help them make better purchase decisions.

8) Processing of Large Orders

Bulk order processing will help you save time and make your B2B e-commerce business processes more effective and error-free. Use one-click bulk order processing to handle hundreds of orders at once instead of repeatedly using the manual method.

9) Various Prices

In your B2B marketplace, tiered pricing is simple to implement and manage. To appeal to various buyer segments and increase your profit margin, set up and manage a variety of multi-level prices (such as volume-based pricing, rule-based pricing, min-max quantity-based pricing, customer segment-based pricing, or customer-specific pricing).

10) Comparison of Prices

With the pricing comparison feature, we assist our B2B e-commerce customers in making wise business and purchase decisions. By allowing them to compare prices, add-on services, and more to arrive at a final purchase decision that best meets their needs, we keep our customers happy.

11) Template for Customised Invoices

With integrated and customised invoice templates, you can streamline your B2B e-commerce billing and accounting procedures. By creating bulk invoices, you can accelerate and streamline your wholesale billing procedures. Create GST-compliant B2B invoices for your domestic buyers and sellers, or get complete support for multi-currency invoicing for your international buyers.

12) Unique Entities

By incorporating custom entities to adjust the flow for your particular needs, we develop custom B2B e-commerce solutions for our wholesale brand. You can quickly add new entities to the existing ones to customise the behaviour of the backend or frontend to meet the needs of your wholesale brand.

13) MOQ, or the minimum order quantity

Set a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for your goods to boost your profit margins when customers buy from our wholesale website. Take advantage of economies of scale by accepting large B2B e-commerce orders that cover your shipping and manufacturing costs.

14) Buyer-seller-administrator chat

On our B2B marketplace, we streamline and hasten inquiries and negotiations by providing a simple three-party chat option where buyers can chat with sellers and sellers can further chat with the admin. Keep track of all discussions because the admin has complete control over buyer-seller chats. You can easily keep track of every conversation between your buyers and sellers to learn more about the demands of the buyers and the selling conditions.

15) Delivery Boy Control

By setting up your own fleet of delivery boys and managing them easily using the built-in delivery boy management software, we make our B2B e-commerce delivery smarter, faster, and easier. For quicker and more organised deliveries, we designate different delivery boys for each seller,  vendor, or different sub-store.

By offering a transparent and effective platform for agricultural trade, Kisaan Trade has aided in closing the gap between farmers and the market and helped India's agricultural supply chain become more inclusive and sustainable. The future of agricultural trade is bright thanks to Kisaan Trade's dedication to innovation, transparency, and social impact, not just in India but also globally.

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